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Barn Owl tools would make a wonderful addition to your gardening experience. Our ALL-IN-ONE GARDEN TOOLS SET, pictured above, includes 9 pieces: trowel, hand fork,
weeder, transplanter, cultivator, pruning shears, watering spray bottle, and a pair of protective gloves, all contained in a great multi-compartment tote that holds many different
kinds of hand tools and gardening necessities.

All of the tools are made out of stainless steel and are sturdy, sharp and rust-proof, suitable for long term use. They are heavy duty
but lightweight, easy to carry anywhere. All orders come with a FREE 1oz vanilla-scented hand sanitizer.

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Gives you better self-esteem

Researchers at Kansas State studying the health effects of gardening were surprised to note that as the gardeners’ skills increased their self-esteem skyrocketed along with their health.

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